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Dos And Don'ts Of Giving Away Custom Mugs At A Corporate Event

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When you'll be attending a corporate event on behalf of your business, it's always a good idea to evaluate what promotional items you should get made up to give away. While people often opt for pens and magnets, you can make more of a splash by giving away something bigger — custom mugs, for example. Choosing a design and then getting it put on a number of mugs can make for an effective giveaway, and ideally, something that people will use and think about your company when they do. Here are some dos and don'ts about giving away custom mugs.

Do: Evaluate Who You Select

Whereas pens are an inexpensive corporate give to hand out at business events, mugs require more of an investment from you. This means that you don't necessarily want to hand one to everyone who walks past your table. While selectively giving out mugs can be a challenge, try to rule certain people out. For example, if someone is wearing a shirt with the logo of a competitor, don't bother giving a mug to him or her — this person is apt to get rid of it promptly.

Don't: Give Mugs At The Wrong Time

There are different types of custom corporate mugs that you can get made up, so it's worthwhile to consider your available options and the time of the year. While people do drink coffee year-round, giving out ceramic coffee mugs during the summer might be less ideal than during the winter, when people are colder and often think about coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. For a summer giveaway, a travel mug can be ideal — and something that people will use on vacation.

Do: Fill The Mug

An empty mug can be a nice gift, but you'll create more of an impact by putting some things inside of it. There are lots of directions that you can take here, including filling it with snacks. For example, if you're at an event around Halloween and are using some seasonal decorations in your display booth, putting a handful of Halloween candy in each mug can be exciting for people.

Don't: Give Mugs At Repeat Events

If you frequently attend corporate events, you should consider who the audience will be at each one. For example, if you give away 200 mugs at an event one month and are scheduled to attend another event the following month — where much of the crowd will be the same — it may be an ineffective use of your resources to give mugs away at this event, too. A better idea might be to give another corporate gift away, reserving the mugs for an event with different attendees.