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How To Win Your Clients Over At A Golf Outing

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A golf outing provides a great way to network with clients and close a deal, but to really win your clients over, you need to go above and beyond. Here are a few unique ways you can make your golf outing more exciting and fruitful.

Monogrammed Golf Bags

Present your best clients with personalized golf clubs in a monogrammed golf bag. This personal touch shows that you are willing to make an investment in your clients and that you take the time to focus on the small details that make a business successful. Consider adding other small items, like golf tees and balls, to create a complete golf outing package. Remember that your client has likely brought his own set of clubs, so make sure you have a place to store this gift until the outing is over should your client prefer to use his regular clubs for the day.

Provide The Caddies With Personalized Gear

Have golf polo shirts and hats embroidered with your client's company logo and give them to the caddies you will be golfing with. This impressive gesture is sure to get your client to picture his or her company and yours working together, and it will demonstrate that you are willing and able to promote your client's business in a unique, professional way. Don't forget to have a few extra shirts and hats ready in case your client would like some to keep.

Send Your Client A Thank-You Gift

Have your caddies take a picture of you and your client on the links and have it framed as a thank-you gift. Include it with a golf towel featuring embroidery in the form of your client's initials, and add an invitation to a future tee time. You'll have a great opening for future meetings and an easy way to show just how much you appreciate your client spending time with you. You may also consider paying for your client's membership at the country club for a year or including tickets for an upcoming charity golf outing as a more extravagant way to show your appreciation.

Closing any deal means forging a strong relationship with clients. Golf outings let you spend a prolonged period of time with business associates, giving you plenty of time to sell your services. Consider these and other corporate gifts to help you seal the deal and show your present and future clients that you are committed to creating outstanding experiences for everyone you do business with.